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Let us make and offer on your house today! No commission or fees.


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Looking to buy a house? We may be able to get you into a home even if you have bad credit.

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Put your money or IRA to work for you. Get the kind of returns you deserve!


Homes Investment Solutions LLC has earned its reputation as a leading Real Estate Development Company in and around New Jersey. We specialized in buying houses, apartments, and other income properties. We work with a strong team of industry professionals and have a proven track record in buying houses that need some repair and rehabbing the property to improve it appearance and value.


Whether you’re looking to Invest, Buy, Sell Residential or Commercial properties, Homes Investment Solutions LLC has the collective skills and experience to fulfill your desire. Contact us to meet your need.

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575 Easton Ave, Somerset NJ 08873

Contact: 848-252-1021

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